A bit of an odd question...But im gettin my first electric set up due to band etc...

The prices im looking up or in the 1000 euro ranges (including amp)..
Im only jus turnin 17 but work my ass off in my job so save it up..for the electric my dads promisn to match whatever i save up so if i get 500 i can spend 1000..

The thing is when choosing my acoustic i was delighted with my Yamaha 730 vcs..I absoloutley love the thing..and got it for 300 bucks...From my research it looks like youd never get a gig worth e-guitar for that much..
So if i was to save up again do you think i could get a life time worthy guitar for 800 bucks? What are some good models...(The amount of research i did for my yamaha was unreal and i made a brill choice)
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get a jackson randy rhoads model or a gibson sg

i think they are in that price range
i know what im gettin for the electric thank you....this IS the acoustic forum after all
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Alvarez Masterworks series are excellent, Seagull puts out some good guitars in that range as well, Breedlove has some decent stuff too. Personally I"m a fan of the Alvarez MD95, lists at 850, gorgeous guitar and awesome sound.
for the electric you should know that the amp is more important than the guitar...

for acoustic im always a fan of alvarez, guild, and godin
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get a jackson randy rhoads model or a gibson sg

i think they are in that price range

YAY for blanket responses.

TS, I can vouch for my Alvarez being a quality instrument, and their higher end models are wonderful too. I'd also suggest Breedlove, every one I've tried has played (and looked) beautiful. I have a thing for them tho (put it this way: if I ever find myself with a spare 1000$ I know exactly where it'd be going)
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