So, me and me groupies wrote all this stuff in the past three weeks getting ready for this gig we got coming up in 8 days. Most of the tunes in the .zip file are very rough at the moment, I haven't been able to tab up the all of our songs. If reception is good, I will try, it'd be nice to have some opinons.

Some background information on us, our band is called Phenomenon, 5 people band. Usual set-up, two guitarists, bassist, drummer and vocalist. We cover a huge range of genre, we got some funk, we got some heavy stuff, and some incredibly random stuff. All of us range from 14 - 15. So we're all young. Drummers been playing for a year and a half, I've been playing for 7 months (I do cover the majority of the solos - I'm Ali in the tabs), other guitarist for three years and the bassist for a year.

Be as honest/brutal as you like with your C&C, I'll take all comments on board
I really liked the first one, the intro was solid, the solo was pretty neat, and the breakdown/interlude sounded really cool too.

The second one was good, except for the pmed notes in triplets. You should have them as straight eighth notes and it will sound much better imo. I loved that opening bass line .

The third seemed pretty incomplete, just a long solo to me. And when the distortion came in the fast notes felt out of place.

The fourth one was good as well, the intro was a little bit slow , but once the metal part came in it was solid.

Crit mine?
Cheers man, I took your advice for the second one. Sounds a lot better with just 8th notes

Yeah, the third one was just a jam with me, the bassist and the drummer done. So it was bound to be a bit choppy. I'll take that into account if we ever stick that in somewhere.