I've posted some threads and asked questions about different guitars here, because I'm going to buy a new one this summer. I want a guitar that I can play for some years without need to get another one.

Now I have an Epiphone Les Paul Standard that I love the feel of, but it doesn't sound so good that I want it too, and I don't want to upgrade it with new p'ups and electronics because I've noticed the frets to already begin to wear a little (my brother has a MIM Strat that he have played twice as much as I've played my LP and the wear on it's frets it's smaller than on mine). And the overall quality doesn't feel so good that it will be worth it.

I have about 10 000 SEK or a little more to spend, which is about $1600 US I think. But I will not get a guitar that's costs $1600 over there here in Sweden, probably one for about $1000. Unfair! And to import all the way from US is something I'm not going to do.

Anyway, I have thought of a number of guitars:

Gibson Les Paul Studio
Esp/Ltd EC-1000 (The white one!)
Esp/Ltd Viper-400 (the cheapest of these, like 6-7 000 SEK)
American Standard Strat HSS

In terms of quality I think the Strat would be the way to go, but I like the feel of a Les Paul or something similar much more. The Studios I've tried felt not that good, my Epi is way better there, the Ltds has I not yet tried but almost all I've hears of them is good. But they're Korean-made, hows the quality? Will they give up after a couple of years that I've heard Epis do? I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. How would I know?

Any help would be very appreciated, as long as it don't is just "Go for a Ibanez RG666" or whatever they're called or "Shecter is the best for you" as I will never buy one of those guitars. Why? 'Cause I don't want one, and if I buy a guitar I don't really want I will want a new one after a year anyway which made this whole thing meanless.

The guitars I'm considering are completly different, I know that, but I think they will all suit the music I'm playing no matter how strange it may sound to you. I can make them suit my music. If you want to know, it's Iron Maiden, and a bit heavier metal but not the absolute most heaviest. Hardcore Superstar is in fact more my style, don't know if you've heard of them but they're quite famous here. Here's a link for you to listen to the worlds best music acording to me:


As I said before, all help is appreciated.
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did he say $10 grand? dude, get anything you want.

Oh, I was tired when I wrote this, i meant $1000.
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How you know you have too many guitars...

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I'd suggest an Ibanez RG 1570, or an S620. Also, look at jackson's MG and Pro series, both extremely good for the price.
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