My first thing in a couple months now. My first actual "poem", too. Please, set fire to it whilst humping it, if you wish. Also, it's a working title

"Knowledge is only skin deep, and only real if you think it is"

What oddities you can imagine when,
You’re not making thoughts about anything.
I don’t "understand" philosophies of infinite time,
Yet still I pilfer and drain myself,
Just to see if I can win a compliment or two,
For pulling a hair off a shelf.

Then again,
What is understanding?
Can we not process truths or lies?
It’s only an idea,
Thus still we are beaten and buried with ignorance.
Thoughts and ideas of grandeur and lingual freedom,
Frowned upon by,
The perpetual Oceans of all time.

We will all die,
Before we can transform ideas into,
Physical power.
The things that come out of our mouths,
Only further constant confusion and,
Increase depression in understanding,
We are not permanent.
Words are here,
Only to impress ourselves.
We are not permanent...
My gear:
Schecter C-1+ w/ Seymour duncan Jazz (neck) and Full Shred (bridge), with Sperzels
B-52 LG-100A 4x12 half stack
Rogue LX405 Bass
Yamaha classical
Some sort of acoustic Squier
Boss Flanger
Lyon Chorus
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