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long story.... involves getting drunk and high.
12 8%
I wanted to get some ass.
13 9%
i just thought it was a cool thing to do at the time.
88 60%
all of the above.
34 23%
Voters: 147.
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Although admittedly it saved my life.
Say for instance someone raped a virgin.
Can they also be charged for theft?
get some ass
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my mum is a retard
Because I wanted to let my emotions out and I had nothing to do it with. Just basically so I could write my own music.
I'm the same as I was when I was six years old
And oh my god I feel so damn old
I don't really feel anything
if i recall its because I got bored with my bass, got drunk, and thought that I would get more chicks if I was playing sexy solos then if i was playing amazing basslines that half the people couldn't hear.
i was bored and couldn't go biking. And my mommy got it fer me
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i was wondering what is some of the stuff you guys would consider better than WOW

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Getting kicked in the balls repeatedly

Primus Sucks
none of those reasons...
i saw my some people play some songs that i liked, and i got hooked
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Because guitar is FUCKING AWESOME!
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I saw "Through the Fire and the Flames" by Dragonforce on Scuzz, (music video channel)

And i took one look and thought, i want to play guitar. Also, my friends were getting a band together, and instead of being the lead singer (i suck at singing) i wanted to take a more...background role.

And i also noticed how much people seemed to respect you more if you're a musician, like, if people ask you about your hobbies, and you say that you play guitar, then they seem to instantly perk up. Especially if you play the sort of music that they love.
Cos its F***ing cool and who doesnt wanna be able to shred like some crazy mofo just cos they can!
i wanted to be able to play Pseudopathological Vivisection. Turns out there are no tabs for it, and I'm too shit to work out Necrophagist
wanted to learn stairway, then iron man so i found this site cuz my frend didnt no how to play it and got hooked
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Tried the drums, didn't like it.

Tried my bro's acoustic and I fell in love.
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after i saw Freaky Friday with lindsay lohan i had to start playing... i just had to

then the searchbar told me how
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i wanted to be able to play Pseudopathological Vivisection

Who is this by?

EDIT: ahh, you had an edit.
I heard some Children of Bodom at my friends house (not the words, but right at the start of lake bodom) And I was mesmerized. So i started. And Crazy train made me want to play.

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Quote by just17n8
after i saw Freaky Friday with lindsay lohan i had to start playing... i just had to

then the searchbar told me how

Hey! I already made a searchbar joke this thread!

Trying to steal my thunder
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I have no fucking idea.

If I recall, I was smacked in the head by the search bar and had an epiphany.

lol yup!

and i watched the film crossroads(the britney spears version) (not!) and i was amazed by it and said to myself "If i still want to play in two months, i'll start" two months came around and I still wanted to play: that was october '05.. I'm now master chief of guitar!
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just a few of my fans..

My Uncle played when I was a little kid, and that left an impression on me at an early age... I picked it up as a hobby, and have taken all the guitar classes my school offers. Its still a hobby, but it is something that I enjoy and find rewarding.

I wish my Uncle could know how he has affected me.
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wanted to play awesome guitar riffs didn't know how so i picked up guitar. Long story short
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Quote by synpet713192
Hey! I already made a searchbar joke this thread!

Trying to steal my thunder

im sowy... i declare you honorary God of the Search Bar Thunder! for now
Jimmy Page - Since I've Been Loving You - Live on The Song Remains The Same - When the woman smiles near the end

that was literally the specific moment i knew i wanted to do music.
Because I heard SoaD's Highway Song.

And I knew I must play it.
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Wow...just wow

A clapstack? My life is complete.
i'd always known i had something to say, but had no good way to express it... i'd tried writing, drawing, acting, comedy, internet entertainment, cartooning, and finally, when i was 17, I discovered the guitar.

it was actually on 9/11/2001, me second day at university, when classes were cancelled and i went to the dorms to hang out with some buddies from high school. this nerdy kid who was in my grade picked up a strat that my other friend had brought from home, and started busting out Thunderstruck, Purple Haze and Crazy Train... i was flabbergasted that this nerdy kid could make such cool sounds, and i guess i figured if he can do it, so can i.

i went home that day and picked up my dad's acoustic. I got my first electric that christmas, and was playing in bands within 2 years. i've since acquired that strat that got me started, along with a whole mess of nice gear, and i play in a sweet band now too...

it just seemed cool at the time
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Because I thought it would get me some wimmins.

Didn't work.
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I went to this gig when I was an annoying little nu-metal fan, and like... Wanted to be up there.

Cheesy, I know But oh well.
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Because I thought it would get me some wimmins.

Didn't work.

You need to stop looking like wimmins first, foo.
Wanted to play drums for a while, got summer job, got money, no room for a decent set, bought guitar. I love playing both though i'm a bit better at guitar.
I have absolutley no idea why, but I remember the deciscion i had to make when I did start playing. I had the choice of a guitar or an Xbox 360 a while back and I chose the guitar...I don't even know why, but I did and I still haven't bought a 360. I've just spend thousands on guitar stuff ha..
I have too much gear to fit!
me and some friends decided we wanted to eb the next Blink when we were 14 and i decided ot be the Tom of our group. No-one else got an instrument so i was just left with an acoustic and nothing to do with it. i eventually stumbled across the heaven that is UG and i've been in love with guitar and music in general ever since.

/sob story
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I got crap to do, okay? Counter-Strike isn't going to play itself.
I was high with my friend and he said "hey =D" and played some Alice In Chains and OAR and Bob Marley and stuff, i wanted to give it a try so i started learning to play guitar
My brother and my dad both play so that's how I got into it...
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Ironbodom, I hate you.

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damnit Ironbodom.

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Yes, someone "was ate jam" while they were playing.
Brilliant observation.

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