I've just joined a band and am looking for a new amp for when i start gigging. I'm looking at getting an amp thats about 150W-200W with 2 speakers. I dont really want any effects or amp models built in as i will be getting all my sound out of my Boss GT-8. It just needs a good clean channel. So what would you recommend??
You don't need a 200w amp I"m sorry.

but if you want cleans.

Look at fender tube amps.

fender deluxe reverb is 950 at musicians friend

and even though the GT8 is a great pedal. Chuck it out and grab a couple of nice single boxes..you'll thank me later about that.

and if your looking for a more marshall tone look into Traynor YCV50s

and Peavey Classic 30/50

and the Delta blues

all of those are in the 600 range

and if you insist on using the GT8 just don't use an amp it will sound much better through a PA
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200W?? I suggest you do a little more research into guitar amplification and give that figure a rethink.

What's your budget? The general consensus will be to get a used tube combo (and rightly so), though if you really like the GT-8 a clean and simple amp like the Peavey Transtube series will add the least colour to your tone. But for that kind of usage you might as well just plug it into the PA.
Try a valve amp Marshall combo dual super lead-401. Marshall made it specifaclly for clean tone I have the 201 and use it with boss pedals and it gets good sound. I imagine the 401 is a bit louder and even cleaner tone at louder volumes. Get a decent dynamic mic and experiment with the placing and EQ, often times what works well straight out of the amp can muddy up when your signal transfers to the PA.