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Has any used this item? i just bought it recently, and it seems to work pretty well, although i do have to blow the white material that the thing is made of off of my fretboard after im done. I was wondering if any1 has used this long term and how well it works.

I use it every time I finish playing. I love the stuff.
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how do u prevent all that white **** getting in between ur frets?

I just leave it. It doesn't affect playing, and just fall's off after a little bit of playing. At least that whats it does for me. Do you wipe your strings down good after you use the fast fret?
Great stuff and it will extend the life of your strings.
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Well, I used this thing for like 1 month, must say that for electric it is ok, but not so often, otherwise strings and fretboard getting this "oily" feelings while playing, wood is kinda oily and dry at same time, cannot explain exactly the feel, maybe you experience same thing. for acoustic i dont like it, cuz probably of my old/non-expensive(but not cheap) strings?? but i would still recommend this stuff, really useful. Got also Dunlop 65 cleaner, and i want to buy dunlop cleaning kit (4 bottles, i think 63,65,01,02), got GHS fast fret, and THE SWIPE ( theswipe.co.uk), quite useful swipe too
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I always use the fast fret after I'm done playing, so that helps me avoid that greasy feeling.
been using it for years, was told about it from a guy playing 20+ years. Use it correctly, and it works great at preserving string life. I apply it, and use the cloth to wipe each string. I don't get any extra residue using the stick.
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