From your current rig my guess is that you mostly play metal, in which case you shouldn't buy this amp.

That said, it is a really great amp, I owned one myself. Incredible cleans, very responsive to pedals, light weight, loud as a mother and to be honest quite a looker. Depending on where you live it may or may not be expensive, but it should be great value for your money either way.
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sorry, no. But I edited my post to make it look like less of a fender bash
I recently purchased the Hot Rod Deluxe about 2 months ago, and absolutely enjoy it. I do like metal, rock and some blues, so was looking for an all in one tube amp. There are many choices in amps you can choose, depending on the style of music you like. Therefore, go and try a couple of different ones to understand the tone and volume they produce. The HRD does jump out with the volume at low levels, but this is what it was made to do. The cleans are great, and the drive channels are a little muddy, but nothing a little bit of tweaking the EQ couldn't help. In addition, I do have a tube screamer, metal muff, and chorus pedal chained into the amp which allows a much larger range of tones, from clean ---> rock --> heavy rock --> metal --> death muddy metal.

Epiphone Les Paul Standard - Honeyburst
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this is my main amp.

Like ppl said so far, very good clean. 2nd channel is UNUSABLE. I am a big beleiver in going as clean as possible then addinh pedals. I run a Metal Zone pedal, and it sounds good. The guy that said you cant run metal pedals into it is talking out of his ass. It is a very loud amp. But group think takes over in forums and and haters like to band together.

If you mainly play metal, obv. go with something else. But the Hot Rod is great for a few reaons....it is very small, relativelt light for the amount of volume it puts out. It has great cleans, and is a great value for an entry level tube amp. Its also gig worthy, for the size of a bedroom practice amp.

Go check out the Bugera heads. I just played them today, bc I have been seeign a lot of them on the internet. I wish they were out 3 years ago, when I bought my Hot rod.