So I decided I'm just going to save my money to get an amp and some pedals. I'm hoping to get a job soon, so I'll be able to stretch the budget more. I figure about $600 will be sufficient for a good amp and 2 or 3 good pedals. As far as the amp goes, I want one that will have good clean sound to it. The distortion on the amp doesn't matter. For distortion, I plan to get a pedal. I tend to gravitate to hard rock and metal, so a good one for that will do. I also want a chorus pedal and a phaser. Can anybody help me out?
As far as an amp, get some sort of used Fender all-tube amp. Maybe with something like a ZW overdrive, you could get some hard tones out of it. A Boss chorus and phaser would be good, just as general ideas.
try a vox ac15 and a line 6 dl4 pedal. And a holy grail. That sounds sweet combined.
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For hard rock and metal, Boss GT-8/Line 6 PODxt/Vox Tonelab LE (more of a classic rock sound) through a Tech 21 power engine.

The stuff posted above should sound nice, too, I just wanted to post a different approach.
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just get an analog solid state

i mean if you prefer usuing pedals for distortion rather than using your amp, than you might as well

jazz chorus (reat cleans on this amp), something from tech 21 or maybe randall will work

EDIT: oh and for pedals, well really good pedals are expensive, just get an average pedal and mod it (kits from monte allums are cheap and great)
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