I think it has potential. It opened pretty well, it had me thinking. "****, this is gonna kick ass", especially when that drum fill came in but then it got kind of messy. Though that is to be expected because you were just messing about.

If you want something to come out of that, I would personally take what you have in the first 4 bars and go forward with that. Produce some kind of riff with the scale, a drum beat and then take it from there. I think that would sound pretty cool man. You could also use the "Bluesey Riff" as a little bridge, that sound nice and original. I'd really avoid just sticking in drum fills in over and over again though, doesn't sound good.

It has potential though.
Yeah, I'm not good with drums on guitar pro, I just put random beats that sound cool in. And after relistening to the second, I just realized how much it sucked, I need to change that.