hey guys

i been using super slinkys (9) on my guitar but they have always felt extremely thin like rubber bands so i bought power slinkys (11) and i was wondering if that is going to affect my guitar going from 9's to 11's?
It could, I suggest bringing it into a tech and telling him/her to change the strings to 11's and adjust everything to them.
Different gauged strings change your intonation. I never particularly cared for super slinky's either. Find strings you like and feel good with, then take your guitar in for a setup or better yet, learn to do it yourself!
it will create more tension. If you don't want to take it to a tech just tighting the relief on your truss rod about 1/8 to 1/4 of a turn and depending on the guitar you have you may need to tighten or loosen the spring claw which adjust your tremelo tension. Or not it may not have any noticable impact just try it it won't wreck your guitar I know because I've done it before and if you know how to check the intonation do that before and after and if nothings different you should be fine.
what type of guitar?

a trem bridge will probably lift, and on a TOM bridge the action will feel a little high.

just swap one string at a time, and repost if you need to.

i suggest you dont adjust anything, until you post.

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The higher tension will cause a much louder sound, and your fingers may start to bleed a little sooner when you are playing.
The guitar neck may bend a little, so the string action will get higher. To compensate this, turn the trussrod clockwise, but only one quarter of a turn at the time, let the neck settle for a while, and check the action again, until you're satisfied.
After that, re-adjust the saddles.