i dont know what the difference between strings when it comes to bullet end and ball end strings. can someone help.
OH thanks, now i see
i just wanted to switch guitar strings...
i own a hollow body gretsch electromatic, does that mean my guitar is not comatable w/ bullets?
Probably not, your best bet is to just stick with the ball ends.
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Bullutes are only usefull for string through body guitar. you could use them but their is really no point
well the point was actually that i needed a gauge around 11 and all the Fender heavy gauges where bullet end, is there any brand of string you can recommend?
bullet end strings on a hollow body guitar with that type of bridge mecnism wuld look like **** anyway.

I always ball end.
Bullet-ends are apparently made for the strat style trem to help keep tuning stable. I remember reading that on the fender site, I think it said they fit better than the ball ends, and the wraps couldn't get caught on the trem, since there are none. Don't quote me on this though.

TS: Look into D'addario, Ernie Ball, GHS, and DR.
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The bullet ends won't hook on your bigsby -- I like Earnie Ball Regular Slinkys