Hi, i would like to know if it possible to connect two fender amp combo (fender reverb and a super twin) and play those simultaneously?Thanks.
get a pedal with stereo output

digitech makes them, boss makes a ME-50 (and other pedalboards) that do this, and there are also pedals designed just for this thing. boss makes them too i think.

but id go for a digitech pedal (like chorus or something) that has dual output

or the MXR kerry king 10 band EQ that has stereo output. Its an EQ AND it has stereo output. best of both worlds.

alot of people these days need to know the wonders of an EQ pedal
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i'm assuming you want to connect them in parallel so that they both are operated independently. The simplest way to do this is to by a spliter.
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Oh ok thanks a lot. And it ok to do this? Will dont broke something?