I'm looking for a nice acoustic (preferable acoustic-electric) in the price range of around $300-500. I've looked around the forums here, but I'm still a little confused as to what I should be looking for. I'd prefer a slightly more metallic sound, but still with a good mid/bass range. Any suggestions?
i have a seagull s6. its pretty sweet actually. but if you get one, get it off ebay. its a lot cheaper. i got mine brand new for $250
Parkwood 310 M

Epiphone Masterbilt series (mahogany back)
Saw a demo at the Guitar Center in Lincoln, NE which had a couple dings in the side (not to big a deal). Guitar was clearance priced at $286.00. Nice sounding guitar. Great deal for someone even if you had to pay shipping. Action was nice and low.

Blueridge Guitars (I bought a Blueridge BR-240 on ebay for $575.00 (including shipping) Nicest Guitar I have ever heard including high end Martins, Taylors etc. Also look at the BR-140, BR-160 (rosewood back) These are outstanding guitars for the money.
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Alright, well I've been looking around online and talking to some people I know, and the Taylor Big Baby guitars keep coming up. I've been playing guitar for three years now, so I'm not an amateur, but I don't know what to look for in an acoustic. Basically what I'm asking is are the Big Baby guitars for lower skilled/beginning players, or is it a good quality instrument?
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i played a big baby a while ago and it was really nice. its a good guitar, but you should try one out before you buy one. it might not have the sound you want
I'm in the same boat, looking for a good acoustic in that price range. What are the pros and cons of having electronics, and what would you recommend?

I don't know a thing about acoustic guitars, so some more information would help.

I talked to my roommate and he told me what a solid-top guitar was, and he said that it adds a lot to the sound. He told me solid-top models are generally more expensive, and I don't think I want to spend more than $500 - $600 at the moment.

I checked out the Art and Lutherie guitars from the website posted earlier, and they look good.

Any more information would help. Thanks.
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Art & Lutherie
I just got a yamaha FG730S for 300... i love it so far and it seems to have a lot of supporters . it was 300 at guitarcenter.com and you can prob get a local shop to pricematch that.
much to the disdain of many on this forum i am an ardent supporter of taylor guitars. However as a beginner i would stay away from a brand new big baby. it is quite high in the cost department and i think you will outgrow it as your prowess increases. Yamaha makes very affordable well playing guitars that will last you a lifetime. also many of the canadien guitars are well made and more affordable.

If you find that you like the taylor tone and playability as i do then there are more choices used for the same price as a new big baby. A 100 or 200 series can be had on ebay for 400 dollars in like new condition and they are well made guitars that will last you a lifetime.
perhaps you could look there.