hi guys this is going 2 sound a bit stupid but i need to get some really rubbish amps to sound good without spending to much money i have a peavey backstage and a marshall ms2 (these are not my normal amps)
its a long story why, but if any 1 can give some amp settings or some advice or something i will be grateful.
im after a tone like trivium i know it sounds unlikely to happen but theres no harm in askin
i usually use

u can mess with them but yea
i think theres actually a sticky on this somewhere.
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well just scoop mids, and then experiment by trying to get more gain from the actuall gain or more from equalisation. sometimes boosting EQ. on crap amps can make them sound smoother, or vice versa. otherwise try layer your tone as much as possible, if you have any pedal mix them in somewher no matter what they are, throw in some delay or chors or phaser or whatever in slighht amounts to build the tone up