I have a Fender Stratocaster and i've totally blacked it out and i just love it to death, but i also just have stock pickups on it. I really don't know much about pickups. I was wondering what kind of pickup would be best for punk music, kind of like AFI. Or if you know can you tell me, what kind of pickup Jade Puget from AFI uses, that would be really helpful.
Any Suggestions?
im guessing some middle ground pup from SD - maybe the custom or custom custom
Any magnet with copper wire around it after waxed suits punk music. I suggest Duncan Hot Rail just to actually be helpful.
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Quote by forsaknazrael
Why can't you dial in a decent punk tone from your Spider?

If you don't like the tone you're getting from your Spider, the problem is NOT your pickups. Your amp is.

An amp is responsible for WAY more of your tone than pickups, and pickups are probably going to make a minimal difference on your amp, anyway.

Well, i guess my question doesn't really fit what i'm asking, if that even makes any sense.
And you're right, i can get a good punk sound from my amp, and many more, the amp's not the problem...what i really should've said is that i need a good pickup with a higher output, because with the stock strats on their, you just can't hear the little flicks, slides, hammers-ons, ya know, they're just not i guess you'd say, sensitive enough.

I'm gonna go with SQHero. I've looked at the Seymour Duncan Hotrails, and they look like they'd please me perfect.
I don't think a new pickup is the answer here.

What you fail to realize is that the Spider isn't a good amp by any means. It's not responsive, it doesn't have good dynamics, it doesn't respond to your picking attack well.

Play your guitar through a nice tube amp, like a Traynor YCV series, or even a Classic 30 will be able to do decent punk tones.