Hey guys, my dad recently brang home this Tube PA system. We both sat for a while gawking at it, its really really old. Its made by philips, and thats about all we know about it. It has NO markings on it telling when it was made etc, only one number on the back. Its pretty cool looking inside, everything is hand wired. Its got two 6v6 power amp tubes and three 6c6 preamp tubes *though one is a 6j7, apparently thats a replacement, same kind of tube*

The inputs are both tube sockets, which are on the back, the output to the speakers is an american looking power point which baffled both of us, it doesnt have an on/off switch either, the fuse is broken inside and had a piece of fuse wire running across the outside. It should turn out as a pretty sweet guitar amp, and a very very good practice on modding tube amps. The filter caps are probably going to need replacing, along with a few various resistors etc.

We're going to make a schematic of the insides sometime over the easter weekend, so we know what the hell is going on inside.

Im looking for if anyone can help me identify it, dad gives it a guess of being build the 50's and i agree with that general period of time, but any actual info on what it is, when it was made, how rare it is and how good it is would be fantastic!

Pics of the amp and guts.

That thing is awesome. It looks really old though. Where did your dad get it?
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