If I take my guitar that is in standard tuning, and de-tune the whole thing down to drop C without changing the strings, is my neck or anything else gonna get screwed up?

Thanks in advance.
It shouldn't, if you have a floating bridge or something like it, then you might have to adjust that. But it shouldn't mess with the neck.
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no, nothing will get screwed up but if you use really light guage strings then you'll have alot of fret buzz
i use drop tuning all the time and only change my strings every 5 or 6 months like every one else. they go back and forth from standard to drop D/c all the time.
it wont mess with your neck at all
You'll find your strings very loose, especially if you have a light gauge on your guitar,

Depends on the guitar if you find any neck movement.

Floating bridge will give you problems, a few adustments will need to be made
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I'm constantly changing to diffrent drop tunnings back to standard. Nothings happend so far.
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