ok im trying to record a song but i dont need it to be the best quality cuzi just want to put somthing together to show my band. But still id like it to be the best quality i can get out of what i have.
I have a Line 6 spider 3
2 guitar cables
a 1/4 to 1/8 adapter to plug into my mic thing on my computer
DS-1 pedal
and a squier strat
i use either audacity or reaper.
How can i use that to get the best quality possible? are there any plug-ins i can download/use to make it better. sry if im asking a stupid question lol im a recording n00b
all i can suggest is that u adapt ur 1/4 inch from ur amp into a 1/8 inch and out that into ur comp, without a proper recordng machine its difficult but watch ur levels, equalization, gain and what not and maybe u'll get a half decent recording, gl
Just do what your doing, line out form your spider into the PC and record on Audacity. There are plug-ins you could get, but none that will make your sound drastically better without a fair bit of knowledge on how to use them.
ok thanks, i didnt think there was much i could do just figured id ask