i am looking to trade for or possibly buy a guitar, the type of guitar i am looking for must be able to capably handle music like the black keys and the white stripes. I have a 12 string Rogue HerringBone http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Rogue-Herringbone-12String-Acoustic?sku=519267
and a schecter strategy
the schecter may be going if i do not get a better offer for it i am trying to see what my options are, make me an offer. I am not looking for real main stream guitars as for the most part i have found they do not satisfy my wants for the most part but make me an offer anyways no matter what you have and i shall consider it.
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hey man you're back. We still trading? or change your mind?

i am still thinking because i have heard good and bad review about the kay so i am still thinking on it.
I have a Ibanez V Blade but I am guessing it would not be your thing even though it sounds great for that sort of music.
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Right on man. Just checkin in. Shes a nice guitar though.

are there any other guitars you have that you might be looking to trade for it?
ahh nah thats the only other guitar I can spare. what have you read about it thats bad?
"it resembles a guitar yet makes me cring as I hear its ear pearcing sound from the high notes which resembles a cat stuck between the hood of a ford mustang, and thats not a good sound, then the dull "bla" of the lows. And if you are daring enough to try distortion (you douchbag...) then you are in for a great sound if you like nothing but feedback....the worst feedback you have ever heard. Yet, the microphone pickups are good for this instance if you put youre mouth really close to them and say, "Luke, I am your father.""

"Well, I play a lot of grunge and hard rock and for that type of music it is a terrible guitar to use unless your smashing it. Of course, it doesn't sound like it would fit with any kind of music. It has a really weak, tinny sound. It is very faint and quiet even with my amp turned up. It has no range of sound. I do NOT like the sound."

" It wasn't set up very well, when I bought it from a friend it had to be tightened all over dramatically. The pickups were one thing I had to adjust over and over and never really got it quite right. The tuning keys are crap and obviously the cheapest available because they can Not keep the guitar in tune. The frets are not aligned very well on this guitarm and on several I had topushm them in place. The wood works like plywood and dents so easily. The paint is so thin any little bump will show through. The nobs are cheapo plastic and the pickups are just little microphones."

is there anyway you can get me a vid of it without playing it through the pod becuase i am unsure of its sound, i have my camera working right now so i can make you a vid now.