Ok, so I'm in the market for a new guitar...and this is what I want it to have

24 jumbo frets
Original Floyd rose
Emg 81/85 combination
A body shape that isn't too extreme
Nice finish
Hardshell case included

my price range is around 1700 Euro or under.

Ok people...recomend me a guitar!
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you`ll have to find your own case, but coffin cases look bad ass, can`t wait to get one.

Wait sorry the Hannamen sig is a Kahler bridge.
erm well i would recomend mine which is a maverick but it is no longer being made and i dont know who sells them now and they dont come with emgs but you could buy them and yeh i guess you may want a higher standard for 1700 as it is £500 but i think it is worth much more than that cos i love it sooooooooooooo much=D
i think what he means is for 1700 there better be a hardcase included :P

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Quote by punkrockelite
i think what he means is for 1700 there better be a hardcase included :P

look into schecters man, and you'll save alot of money as well, and i'm pretty sure most of them come with hardcases

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Sounds like a ESP would be your best bet..

: D