OK well this is just a small question but it is an important one to know.


it is...

lol. ok i want to know at what point exactly most tubes begin to flub out b/c they are being driven too hard. what i mean is, at what point on the volume knob should this be expected? post, master, and channel volume, whatever will tell me just so i know what to expect at a certain point of driving my amp too hard. i expect the answer is 7 or 1-2 o clock-ish.
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Every amp will "flub" out at different points, but I notice mine begins to around 4 o'clock on the gain knob.
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Can somone explain this "flubbing" out? I thought you just got more distortion by driving the powertubes?
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>_> <_< well i guess i wasnt clear enough. i realize every amp is different. nice going smart guy, im not a moron. im just looking for a rule of thumb. i can find out on my own if u guys really could care less about actually helping someone. BUT since there is this wonderful thing called a forum where we can post questions and get answers, ill go ahead and save some time and absorb your wonderful knowledge.

anyways, when you drive tubes hard you do get more distortion and color, i think most of us know that. pushing hard also gives it a flubbier/muddier low end, which most ppl call warmth (which is what tubes do that solid states dont). this is not a very good thing for metal players (except for leads in some cases) which calls for massive amounts of headroom, which is why 100 or 150 watts is prefered for metal players.

so my question is just asking as a rule of thumb, if i should ever need to get that loud (doubtful), when will the vast majority of amps begin to be pushed to the max AS A RULE OF THUMB? i didnt say gain. preamp gain is PREAMP GAIN. turning that up usually makes a lot of amps sound like mudd, but i want to know about POWER AMP distortion, when will that reach its maximum in general. i think its called power clipping or something of that sort. dont give me "each amp/tube is different", of course it is. i want a vague generalization.

i hope thats clear enough o_0
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I've always heard the sweet spot was just past half on the volume. Usually people talking about old marshalls. From the amps I've actually been ever to crank I'd say thats about right. It depends a lot on the tubes though, since they all draw different currents and break up at different points.