If anyone has an Oldsmobile Alero (2000-2002 model) can you tell me what you think of it. Is it a reliable enough car for city driving, has anyone had any major problems with them? Would it be a good buy for a used car. The one i'm looking at is owned by a mechanic who is putting bran new Goodyear Eagle tires on it, a new windshield, and new rotars and break pads. It has 187000km on it, most of them highway kms. No rust on body, or underbody, and was driven by his wife most of the time (so "lightly driven" as they put it). All for 4800$, anyone think its a good deal for a car that'll last a few years?
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I dont know where you live but you can do better than 180000 miles on a car that's getting new wind shield and what not on . If you are young youshould be able to get less than 100000 miles and decent looking as well as not in need of basic things like tires. Good luck to you. Remember that used cars on lots are way marked up and they can come down a good couple grand even before that minimum trade in crap.

What ever you get pay it off right away, work with a credit union and get the make up of the loan where your payments go so they go towards principle , so when in a year you aren't still married to the piece , and you can be saving towards the hot ride you want. DUDE.

Don't be obigated to friends it is bad to do business with friends, it ends friends.

And mechanics know when to get rid of it before it costs too much money.