So my current rig is an Epi LP through a 50W JCM800 and Fender Frontman 25R. I love the 800, but it doesn't suit the style of music my band's playing at all (pop punk/emo like Brand New, Taking Back Sunday, The Starting Line, etc...). The tone is a lot more oldschool and the lack of a second channel makes it difficult when I need cleans, so I wind up using the Frontman most of the time. It's not bad despite it's reputation, but it still leaves alot to be desired and we wind up running vocals through it sometimes anyway. I was looking at the JCM900 and 2000, but when I played them in the store well over a year ago I wasn't too impressed. Granted, my guitar has issues and I wasn't able to crank them in the store. Still, it looks like alot of pop punk bands use them and can get decent tone out of them. What's the difference between the DSL and TSL versions? I see people saying "I've got a Marshall DSL", and it always leaves me thinking "So, that's like a 900 or a 2000 or 50Ws or 100Ws or something?" I was really impressed with the Mesa Roadster, but it looks like the Solo head is alot more common. Is there anywhere I can find a run down of the different versions of Dual Rec heads and what they're good for, kind of like the Marshall chart? Anyway, I've got a cab (1960A), so I 'm looking at just head's, not combos. My budget is about 1000$, give or take a few hundred, though I'd like to spend less if possible. Any other recommendations? I know someone will probably say Orange, but even used they seem to go for a little bit more than Marshall and Mesa heads on ebay and craigslist.

I'm also considering a new guitar, because I'm sick of constant pickup problems with my other two that no amount of resoldering or wax potting seem to fix. Maybe a Hello Kitty Strat or the Daisy Rock LP copy. I'd love to own one of those. But really, I'm considering an SG standard, just because it looks like you can get them blemished or used for around 1000$ or less. I'd really want an LP custom, but I see no reason to spend that much money on a single instrument. And people don't seem to think too highly of Gibson's quality control. Any other ideas? I'm always hearing great things about the Agile LP copies, but I really don't want yet another cheap mid-level guitar sitting around taking up space when I've already got enough of those. I don't like shelling out cash just to have a brand name on my gear, so I'm open to other makes.

EDIT: If you're going to criticise me for listening playing pop punk, don't bother. I don't care.
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Which Epiphone are you playing now?
My mate plays a lot of pop/punk/rock stuff through a Marshall JCM 2000dsl and a (I think) 1960a cab.
He's got it EQ'd and it sounds nuts. So I'd look for one of them, it may just take time to EQ it for your preferred tone.
well if ur doing a pop/punk (eww btw but not here not now to start that conversation) style music i suggest a fender of some sort or an sg like u said. only thing is sg dont get hte best tone imo but alll the ones ive played have had bowed necks towardsthe bottom. u could go glamish guitar with a dean ml like dimebag darrel used when he was starting out some come in with a really nice paint job and then get some new pickups cause an ml wont set u back if u dont buy a floyd rose set up one and pop punk musoic doesnt need them really so. then u take ur money and put it into a marshal or if u like pre built effects a line 6 metal noobs use the line 6 but i think they do a good job
It's an Epi LP Standard with Seymour Duncan pups. I've also got a Peavey Raptor strat copy.

I'd imagine any Marshall would fit nicely on top of my 800. I'm iffy about if a Mesa would, or if I'd have to worry about it falling off the stack. But it's more about how it sounds I guess.
wait, you said your budget for the amp was around $1K, and your budget for the guitar was $1K too? So $2000 in total? Or am I getting confused?
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If you liked the Roadster, then why not save up for it? The 3 channel Dual Recto (solo heads and what not) are not as good as the 2 channel ones.
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If you can get a VHT Pittbull, thatll be great for what youre playing. My buddy plays pop punk and he used a VHT. Also, older mesa heads like Mark I's, II's, and III's are great.

Check out ESP EC-1000's. Throw some Duncans in an youll be all set.

Whats wrong with pop punk?
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Ha ha. Nothing's wrong with pop punk. Some people just understand that it's cool to like fun music alongside more serious stuff and then bitch cause they're just looking for an excuse to be elitist. Those people aren't welcome in my thread.

What kind of sounds would the pitbull be like? I'd love to try it, maybe I'll youtube it once I get off work.

How about the Mark III's and whatnot? I haven't seen any of those in stores so I haven't been able to try any out. Good cleans or meh? What makes the solo heads not as good as the 2 channel ones?

I've got about 2000$ to spend though I'd like to spend less if I can.
So I saw a JCM2000 DSL 50 for 700$ on ebay and snatched it up. Is that a good deal or what? I'm thinking that if I don't like it, I could probably craigslist it for maybe 900$ or so and make some money off of it. Did that with an AVT once, worst amp I've ever played through.