A Boss DS-1 pedal and a Dunlop Crybaby

I will be playing these through a Fender FM 25 DSP and my guitar is an Epi Special II

Is it worth the purchase? The genres I play are psychedelic rock (Hendrix, Cream), classic/hard/blues rock, and grunge (well; just Pearl Jam)
I know exactly what I think I'm doing.
I wouldn't say it's worth the purchase, yet.
If you upgraded to a better amp, then yeah; It'd be worth the Purchase.
Original crybaby?
If so, double nay.
The original crybaby is pretty bad unless you plan on modding, and don't even get me started on stock DS1's.
I say... new amp. But if you must, get a different wah.
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Yip get a better amp, tube, atleast 2 channels for clean and dirty. And if you need a boost, get an overdrive, Tubescreamer is my choice, but I hear the BOSS SD-1 (i think?) is good also, of a Bad Monkey. I have a Crybaby, since I haven't tried too many wah's, I like mine (will be modding for obvious reasons though).

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I've always hated the DS-1. The FM's built in distortion was way better. I busted mine up trying to mod it and I don't even care. The Keeley modded ones are supposed to be great though.