hey guys, i currently have an Edge III, and i dislike it just like everyone else. I was thinking about upgrading to an Edge Pro, because i am hoping that it will go right on without any modification from the edge III, is this true? and are they anygood? it has ball bearing instead of knife edge right? thanks

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edge pro's are very good.
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The ZR has ball bearings - the Edge Pro still has knife edges. If you want to upgrade, the Original Floyd Rose is USUALLY (NOT always) a direct swap for the Edge III.
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if you want to swap the edge III for a edge pro, it's not going to be a fun task
edge pro's are supposed to be very good.

like people have said though, it might not go in easy.
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Routing may need to be done. I've read that it's a direct swap for the OFR. I swapped a tremolo (Lo-TRS II) on my Ibanez with an OFR with no problems.
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