I'm going to say no, sorry.
Check out the Randall RG50tc.
They're around 800AUD dollars, but TOTALLY worth it.
Also, I wouldn't shop at Billy Hyde.
They really know how to rip some people off.
The Frontman isn't terrible. But it's not anything special either. You can do better for the money, but if for some reason you do wind up getting it. it's not a huge waste either. I got one and it gets loud enough to play with drums, sounds acceptable but not mindblowing or anything, and it's generally been a solid practise amp for the 4 years that I've had it. I don't regret it.
those dont completly suck if you own a Danelectro guitar. actually they make allot of the fender amps sound good, (better then usual) If you want a combo amp in that range get the rg200g3 like mo suggested $20 for an extra hundred watts and in my oppinion a better tone. go with the randall. just dont buy a marshal mg