if you can. I dont work for him, I dont email him, or even converse with him. but if you use this site, or can even spare a few dollars cause you are doing ok then you should try to donate . What this guy is doing is GREAT and his videos are some of the best on the web, and the guy does it all just to help others learn. his site is free and all he asks for is donations, so if you can try to help him out I really respect him alot.

He's a good man but apparantly he gets enough money from doing personal lessons these days.
Yeah - nice stuff. He's smart - nothing any of us wouldn't do in person with another player - that's what it's all about, right?

Can he make a living off it? Maybe - if he's got a steady book of private lessons, that's going to be his most stable gig...
He has also produced and written tracks for Katie Melua and played electric and acoustic guitar in her live band between 2005 and 2008.
hmmm..i wonder why he left...i presume performing with her would have been a solid income booster..
Damien Rice === Legend