I need an interface with at least 4 inputs so i can record drums. I was going to get a yamaha MW10 but they were discontinued, so i went to a local music store and the guy suggested this http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Behringer-Xenyx-1204?sku=631269.
But the first review says you can only use 2 mic preamps at a time. Will this one let me record with at least 4 at a time?
Thanks in advance, Mr Saturn
Well the second mixer has 6 inputs right?
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the first one has four mic preamps. you can record with all four, providing you're not going to need to mix them later.
I havent ever heard of one of the xenyx mixers not being able to use all its XLR inputs at a time.

I have the 1002 version (only 2 inputs XLR inputs, 8 1/4 inch) and I can use both the XLR's at the same time...
Hmm perhaps the guy that wrote the review was just a douche. I think ill just go with the first one . Thanks for the help
Quote by sam i am
Neither of the are interfaces, they are mixers. Therefore they will mix all the tracks into one stereo track.

That's what the reviewer probably meant to say. Look into Firewire interfaces if you want separation in your tracks.