Ok so i have a MIM Telecaster but i really want a strat tone.
I'm another Hendrix/SRV/Mayer fan boy, so i really want that nice strat "quack"

So what i'm asking is: is there anyway to make my telecaster sound like a strat? My birthday is in 2 weeks and i am getting a blues junior or other tube amp. Maybe i could trade my telecaster in and try to get a strat as well?

I also have a Squier Strat but it is made out of plywood =/ Maybe i could get a cheap alder strat body somewhere and just use the pickups and neck off of my squier?
you could do the strat body idea, but the you'd have to get a finished body. I would reccomend when u get ur blues jr., Set the trebles lower and the mids higher and use the bridge pickup with the tone and volume rolled off a bit. That's how I would do it.
I got my Telecaster at my local guitar store. They have a good selection of guitars just not amps =/

But i would recommend going to your local mom and pop guitar store, i got my tele for $350 instead of $400 at guitar center.

And the reason i'm asking about the body is my friend has an alder body off of an old mim strat he used to have. It's finished and in great condition and he'll give it to me for like $100-$150
^^ thats what i really think i'll do. and just upgrading the pickups as i get the money.