Hey guys

Im kinda new at guitar, so my question might sound stupid. I have a Roland Cube 30X amp, with an Epiphone SG, and I was wondering if any of you would know how I could get a Metallica sound off of that. Thanks for any info you can give!
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lol i know this is gonna sound stupid, but what do you mean by slightly scooped?

Just only put the mids in at around 2-6. By scoop he means dont put much mids in there. Without mids your tone becomes alot more dry and "Metal" However if you scoop them too much your to will jsut become wirey and small sounding.
If you want, it's not needed though.
Maybe chorus on the cleans.
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Thanks for the explanation Black Velvet

No probs. And if you really wanna fine tune a tone (or just find your own) my advice would be start with everything on 0 (expect volume) and just keep hitting the string while turning the knobs and once your satisfied move to the next knob. The cube in a really cool amp coz it just gives you so much to mess around with Have fun and i hope UG has been helpful

PS: If you ever want amp settings, there is an "Ultimate Settings Thread" on here. I forgot which section its in though. Maybe its in guitar gear and accesories? Im not really sure. But it has a bunch of well know guitarists tones on there and what gear is recommended for that sound ect.