Does anyone know where i can find a tab for frijid pinks version of house of the rising sun
The only version I come across has a really poor rating everywhere, but here it is incase its not actually that bad.

Hey there!!This is a real fun song to play at get togethers.Plucking also
works real good.
I've dished out the chords on a random basis.Let me know if something
seems out of place!Have fun!!
Intro: Am C Dm F Am E Am
(E x 7strums)
Am         C           Dm    F
There is a house in New Orleans
Am                      C      E
And they call it the rising sun
Am                    C        Dm             F
And it's been the ruin of many a poor boy
Am       E             Am
And lord i know i'm one
E x 7strums
That's basically how the whole song goes throughout the 5 paragraphs.
Feel free to make changes.
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