i've been listening to a whole lot of slanted and enchanted, crooked rain crooked rain, and this is a long drive and damn, these albums are pretty damn awesome. i love the "fractured" guitar sound they have (that's probably not the best description, but i'm sure you all know what i mean).

so any other bands like this? some of my favorite songs are loretta's scars, fame throwa, jackals, false grails: the lonesome era, hit the plane down (for pavement), breakthrough, head south, dog paddle, and exit does not exit (for modest mouse). so bands that have similar songs to those.

thanks in advance!
i already got doolittle and surfer rosa already and love them. anything else by them worth checking out?
guided by voices are slightly similar w/ the slanted and enchanted lo-fi slacker feel. you can also try the fall, hit the plane down is pretty much a fall tribute. and brainiac is kinda similar. i haven't heard that modest mouse album besides dramamine unfortunately.
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not really.

but have you heard isaac brock's other band, Ugly Casanova?

no i haven't. i'll check them out.

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i haven't heard that modest mouse album besides dramamine unfortunately.

you need to. i think it's miles above crowded west and the moon and antarctica personally.
speaking of "fractured" guitar, they're really not so similar but young marble giants had a great guitar tone in their recordings. i just kinda realized that today, listening with headphones. i dunno maybe you'll like them.
Definitely some early Fall.

4 or 5 Musicians? Don't really get that. Same with Los Campesinos: people claim a Pavement influence. Maybe it's there in attitude and lyrics, not so much in sound to my ears/

Los Camp!'s Pavement cover (Frontwards, off Watery Domestic) is fucking good though.
Check out Sebadoh, they were one of the bands that kickstarted that whole 'indie' thing with Pavement. Also, Silver Jews are a good band to check out, as well.
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