if you wanna get drunk and come out with me
we'll get real loose and fancy free
i've never seen the likes of you before
when you're passed out spread eagled on the floor

i know its been a hard life for you
it always is when you do what you do
when we're together in an hour its over
put your clothes back on, i need to be sober

don't listen to what the others say
you've gotta go and do it your way
people have said you like it hard
but baby life doesn't need to be that bad

sleepin' all day and in bed all night
nobodys sayin' it ain't right
this is what you've made, this is your life
but nobody's saying it ain't right

in another half hour you'll be alone
too sore to answer the phone
but girl at least, at least you'll be home
I gave rock n' roll to you