does anyone love this group?

honestly, there music is just so gorgeous and amazing. their voices are like the voices of angels. favorite album is probably parlsey, sage, rosemary, and thyme and favorite songs are america, the boxer, flowers never bend with the rainfall, for emily whenever i may find her, i am a rock, so long frank lloyd wright, the only living boy in new york.....so many others it's not even funny.

just listening to them now as a matter of fact. love "flowers never bend with..."
Simon's lyrics could be pretenscious, but the melodies and vocals were just beautiful.
"only living boy in new york" is relaxing to me. great stuff.
oh and if you haven't heard their version of "Blues run the Game", its beyond description.
I grew up listening to their Greatest Hits, and they had some good stuff on that album. The Boxer and The Sound of Silence are my favorites.
o love those guys, like u said gorgeous is really the right word to describe their stuff, my fav would be bookends, just love the way that album flows, and "America" is just brilliant
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The Boxer is possibly the most beautiful song ever.

I agree
just sooo wonderful
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I just went through a simon and garfunkel phase. I was absolutely obsessed wif them. Paul Simon is one of the best songwriters of our time, and Art Garfunkel has such a peaceful voice. "Bridge Over Troubled Water" can bring a tear to your eye, and "Scarborough Fair" is a very trippy song.

Their music made The Graduate as popular as it was IMO.
Yeah i can listen to a little bit of it hear and there, but nothing will ever match to the stuff he did with Simon and Garfunkel. In my mind, anyway.
I don't know. I think its kind of hard to compare them. Its really two different types of music.
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I haven't listened to much of Simon & Garfunkel together, but I have listened to a lot of Paul Simon's solo career, and I do really enjoy that.

My father is really fond of the group, though (especially of Paul Simon). In fact, when he was in college at Manhattan College he went with a group of friends to The Concert in Central Park, and is featured in the crowd of the inside album cover.
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Does anyone like Paul Simon's solo stuff?

I really love The Paul Simon Songbook. It's pretty much just early workings of S&G songs (since he wrote most {all?} of their stuff). Definitely recommend it to everyone.. if you like Simon And Garfunkel you'll like this. Can't say I like much of his other solo stuff, though.

America is a great song as is Only Living Boy in New York.. both of which, oddly enough, I heard originally from movies which got me into S&G in the first place (Almost Famous and Garden State, accordingly). Bridge Over Troubled Water is easily one of the best songs every written, though.. so powerful.

And ^^.. that's amazing... immortalized on an album cover.
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I got The Essentials greatest hits album and love it. From that i bought Paul Simon's greatest hits and love it too. I didn't care for much after graceland, but i saw him on Live from Abbey Road and that was great music there.

The music from Simon and Garfunkel really made me play and write more acoustic and fingerpicked music.
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My Dad was just watching The Concert in Central Park. They are really great live.
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Last fm recommended them to me, but I don't know what album to start with. Any suggestions?
It's pretty hard to go wrong. I'd recommend picking up "Best Of", which is a good collection of all their hits, plus a couple deeper cuts here and there. It's much more thorough and well organized than most greatest hits collections I've heard before.

If you'd rather not go the greatest hits route and want to start off with a studio album, go with either Sounds Of Silence, Bookends, or Bridge Over Troubled Waters.
unbelievably good songwriting, Paul Simon has some great solo stuff too though, so I donno how much Art really did besides thicken the sound, even if he didn't do much more than that it definately made the duo unique