So, I searched and came up with nothing.

Well, I usually leave my input jack in my guitar when I'm not playing. Will this hurt my guitar, and if it does, how can i fix this?
Don't know for sure but I highly doubt it. I leave my cable in because constantly putting it in / taking it out works the nut loose* on my guitar.

*Just me or did that sound kind of sleazy. Shouldn't be posting at 4am
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If you have passives, it's fine. I actually do it. I'm ALWAYS unplugging it, then going over 10 minutes later to play it. When i'm on a good day (when I want to play all the time), I just leave my amp in standby and play it 40 minutes at a time.
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It wont do anything......what the hell in the first place made you think it would? If you have active pups it could drain your battery.
Alright, thanks. I've always wondered if it did. Now I know, so thanks.