Digitech rp250.I dont think im to far from you i live near bellefontaine 43324.And im interested in ts9.
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So, did you end the ebay auction.Then ill just send you 70 through paypal tonight, sound good?
Idk .. i know you can do it though, did you go to the help thing?It is still on there though.
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To end your listing early:
Type your item number into the End My Listing Early form. (You can get this number on your listing, on your confirmation email, or on your My eBay page.)

If there are bids on your item, choose between

Cancel bids and end listing early or Sell item to high bidder(s) and end listing early

(If your item has no bids, you can skip this step).

Choose the reason you're ending your listing early.

Your listing will end and will no longer be active on eBay. If there were bidders, they will be emailed that their bid was canceled and the listing ended early.
if youll do 65 shipped to 75093 ill take the echo park after young player recieves the ts-9