I am looking into purchasing a new guitar. I've been looking at the Ibanez RG350DX and got some mixed reviews. A number of reviews said simply to forget about the Ibanez and look into getting a Jackson. I haven't really looked into any specific Jackson model yet. I was wondering if anybody had any input on the decision. I do not want to spend over $500. If anbody has anything to say about the Ibanez or a specific Jackson, then please post. Thanks.
jackson would be your best bet man but thats if your into metal and stuff but if you are i'd go for the jackson
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they both kind of blow. save your money and get somethign really rad. its your money man, if you want to spend 400-500 on something that isnt awesome, then thats all you.

What would you suggest then. I enjoy playing some metal and some rock.
if ur not spending over 500$ get an ibanez. if u can find a used/on sale jackson, get it!!!
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yea, i currently have a squier strat, so this will be my first new guitar. any reason that one is better than the other?