I'm trying to learn the "One" main solo right now, but after I play the highlighted 19 on the B string, as I take my finger off and play the next 17 on the e string, I keep hearing the open B ringing. What can I do to stop this?

EDIT: Don't worry, I've got it now. Don't reply anymore. Let this thread die!
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-_- I'm not actually pulling off. I'm lifting my finger straight off the string.
you should try finger muting with a left hand finger with a combination of rolling a finger across adjacent frets.

For example, use your left hand ring finger and rest the weight of it so that the bottom part rests slightly on e-17 and the tip of it slightly touches b-17. Both of these should be muted if you try plucking them.

When you play that run, roll onto b-17 with your ring finger and then play the b-19 with your pinky. Then take off your pinky and roll back with your ring finger to e-17 while still making sure the tip of this finger mutes the b string. Not only does this rolling action make it easier to play adjacent frets but it also mutes the open string.

Hope it's not too difficult to understand.
You're trying to play it too fast, that's all it is. You need to slow back down until you can play it perfectly and teach your hands to play it that way. The reason you're playing it wrong at the moment is because you've inadvertenly learned it wrong.
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