so ive been listening to these guys for a while and i really love how they mix the "hardcore"(if you would call them that) sound with all that techno. So share your opinions or tell stories about them. Or check them out yo (just search myspace somewhere).
I like their merchandise. Not to big on their music though.
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there rly good i get to see them next weekend i cant wait.
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I love them. Can't wait till their new record.

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their music is somewhat different, I'll give them that
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Well, the new album ( Self Titled ) leaked recently. I think it's pretty good, tho' it seems like there are too many clean parts.

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i remember listening to this band recently and enjoying and it being like what how do i like this? maybe its because i was stoned. ill probably download the self titled and see how it is
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First of all, I enjoy deathcore for it's complexity and it's the only genre heavy enough for me

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I haven't been listening to them for long, but they're awesome. Can't wait to see them with Emarosa and Breath Carolina!

the new self titled album isnt that great. downloaded it earlier, its got too many clean parts and its kindof upbeat, completely opposite of their first album
Blah. My friends told me they were like an electro-Underoath, which they certainly aren't. Either way, they don't work for me.
Who dat?
I heard them on XM a while ago and thought it kinda sucked
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mah hardcore band
they got booked at a local show where i live. amazing.
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Really dislike this stuff. I was so disappointed when I heard Equal Vision signed them. Really the only electro hardcore stuff I like even a little is Genghis Tron, and that's a stretch.
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S.E.A are nintendocore

and there awsome =]

dinosaurbrocore is a genre.

nintendocore is not.
Also from wikipedia:

HORSE the band is an experimental metalcore band from Lake Forest, CA. Their current keyboardist, Erik Engstrom, uses the Korg MS-2000 and more recently, the Roland Juno-D synthesizer and LSDJ Game Boy cartridge to achieve an 8-bit video game-influenced sound, a reason behind their tongue-in-cheek labeling of "Nintendocore".

Tounge in cheek being the key phrase. If samples define the genre then I guess Killwhitneydead are the new founders of Melodramatic-movie-core.

are sample metal

cuz they hav sample from movies
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are sample metal

cuz they hav sample from movies

i was being heavily sarcastic.

suicide silence is now family-guy-core.
listen to

waking the cadava (probly spelt wrong)

mi friend thinks there pornocore
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listen to

waking the cadava (probly spelt wrong)

mi friend thinks there pornocore

Listen to GUT and **** and Ball Torture.
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Sky Eats Airplane is amazing, they progresses quite a bit since their 3-song demo.

The new CD is really good, but I will agree, a little to many clean parts, and as for the genre, they are Nintendocore/Electronica
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Not a real genre.
coming to terms with an inevitable death.