Yes, I know that Propagandhi was one of the first Fat Wreck bands. But they both seem to make fun of each other in their songs. In the Propagandhi song "Rock for Sustainable Capitalism", Propagandhi uses the line "When did punk rock become so safe? Excuse me if I laugh in your face," which seems to be an allusion to the NOFX song "The Separation of Church and Skate". And in the NOFX song "The Marxist Brothers", NOFX make fun of some "idealist bourgeoisie" that bid on ebay to "get Today’s Empires, Tomorrow’s Ashes on soviet red vinyl". Is this this friendly joking? Am I thinking too much into it? Or do they actually dislike each other?

Now Propagandhi is one of my favorite bands and I really don't like NOFX, but if they really hate each other that's weird because from what I've heard NOFX helped Propagandhi out a lot in their early days.
Lately I didn´t listen to them so much, but maybe they just have fun insulting each other......
Ratos de Porao and the Varukers are friends and Ratos de Porao made a song called Kill the Varukers. I myself once wrote a song that you have to be a masochist to be in one room with our drummer even though we are friends, so they maybe just make fun with each other
im sure they're just making fun of each others, they're good friends. and yes, nofx has helped propagandhi alot and still is
It's probably just friendly joking. Kind of like what went on between Screeching Weasel and The Queers.
Heh, funny somebody asked this question. A couple months ago I was listening to satellite radio (driving my mom's car, hellll yeahhh sonnnn) and Fat Mike was on the punk station being interviewed, and they asked him this exact question.

Apparently, according to Fat Mike, the singer from propaghandi and him were talking about politics and the conversation just got a little out of hand. Basically Fat Mike was saying that he supported democrats because just about anybody would've been better than George Bush, and the dude from propaghandi took the stance that the democrats that fat mike supported were just as bad as bush anyway. So then he criticized Fat Mike's whole punkrockvoter.org thing and basically concluded that support of any politician, no matter who they are, made you as bad as George Bush.

This is where my memory gets hazy but I think Fat Mike said that while he disagrees with propaghandi's political stance and ****, he's not gonna kick them off the label just because he doesn't agree with them or anything lame like that, and it's not like he hates their singer or anything, so it's all good.
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I think they are pretty good friends actually. And on Marxist Brothers, I never really took that as an insult to Propagandhi.

Yeah from what fat mike said on the interview it just sounds like they had a disagreement on some issues, but neither of them actually had animosity towards the other dude. I guess they just got into a argument. Happens between friends all the time
i think they are all just being little drama queens...
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it was all over a song being dropped from the "Rock Against Bush" compilation, not because of the lyrics, but because of the liner notes which took a swipe against the cash cow, George Soros, a billionaire with a very shady past whose only goal in life now is to oust Bush.

"Okay, so this is really not the message that I am trying to convey because I believe that Democrats are a bit better than Republicans, and I think that Bush is ****ing the world worse than anyone possibly could. But, I still want the song on the comp. So we get the liner notes from the band and at the end it says, "This message was not brought to you by George Soros". This is where the problem starts. George Soros is a Billionaire who got his money from exploiting the foreign currency exchange. He screwed a bunch of countries to make his money. It is also important to note that he is also a member of the Carlyle Group, which is a company that makes money from selling weapons. Okay, that sucks. Meanwhile he has been giving close to 500 million dollars annually to progressive causes and has founded a network of philanthropic organizations in over 50 nations throughout the planet. He is spending a good part of his fortune trying to get Bush out of office. Maybe he feels guilty or something, I don't know. The point is that he has given money not to us, but to many great organizations such as Moveon.org and America Coming Together, and these organizations help support us. I didn't want an anti-Soros message on the first Rock Against Bush comp, because I don't want to make enemies within our movement. I am trying to unite people not alienate them from each other. So I asked Chris from Propagandhi if he wouldn't mind taking that last Soros comment out of their liner notes. He said he wouldn't take anything out. I said okay, then asked if they would mind being on the Rock Against Bush vol. 2 comp instead of the first one, which will be coming out 3 months after the first one." - FAT MIKE