I have an Ampeg BA-115 now but I'm wanting to jump up in power. I'm considering the Fender Bassman 250/210, the Bassman 250/115, and the G-K Backline 210. I've played my Geddy Jazz through the 250/210 before but I'm curious how the G-K Backline 210 may sound. Has anyone on here had any experience with any of these amps? I'd appreciate your feedback if so. Thanks.
Fender Geddy Lee, Precision (MIA), Fender Standard Jazz, Ibanez SR700, GK MB210 combo, GK 210MBE
The Bassman is better than the backline 210. I AB'ed them both yesterday and the bassman was the clear winner. Or, you know, you COULD go for (in that price range)