Hey everyone, I'm hoping for some help here. I have recently gotten a Schecter C-1 classic and I love it....except for on thing. It's really freakin heavy. Upwards of 10 pounds, and I'm wondering why, does anyone know? is it a certain part that I could switch out for an aftermarket one? I just don't get it, If theres nothing else I can do about it maybe I can get some examples of guitar straps that will help. Thanks!
It's made of mahogany and is (Im assuming) thick. Nothing you can really do. My Cort is mahogany and is very heavy as well, you get used to it after a few months, i have .
For those who care.
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Most of the guitar's weight comes from the woods that it's made with, so no, there isn't really anything you can replace.

As for guitar straps, something like a wide leather strap would probably be the most comfortable.
did you not notice when you bought it?

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He probably wasn't standing with it in the store.

TS, like dude above said, it's the body wood.
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you will get used to the heavyness soon. get a nice wide strap to ease the load.
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yeah, basically it's the wood used for the body. alders weigh lighter. hardware won't do much unless they're made of lead.

and i don't believe guitars gain weight like the player does after so many beers.

so cheers bro!
and even if you did want to swap it prety much all schecters are that heavy...cept the semihollows...
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Semi-hollow C-1s are dam sexy, but yea, you'll get used to the weight eventually. Just be glad you ain't playin a sousaphone lol.
Thanks, damn that was some fast response time. Yeah I don't even notice the weight at first when playing, and I thought that maybe it could be the mahogany body, but some of the other guitars I've had were mahogany (Mustaine DV8-R) so I'd hoped it was something else, I figured I would just have to get used to it. Thanks!
Just get a good strap and you're good to go . But the Schecter's I've played were EXTREMELY light. I played the Exotic Star and the Hellraiser. I was amazed at how light it was compared to my Jackson KE3. I can't see how the C-1 Classic will be any heavier, but it does have a maple top and neck.
i've had this with a cheap vintage SG, i played on at the shop, which was very very light, like an SG should be, i ordered one of the internet, and recieved one that much weigh about 11 pounds or something insane, the wood is really dark also, looks good though.
Yeah, all C-1 Classics weigh, I think, 11.something pounds.
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I don't think it's heavey at all. Pussy.
Though I've owned 2 les pauls and I own a Ec-400 VF now so maybe it's just me.
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Strap on a Les Paul Standard and play that for an hour standing. I can go 2 hours easy with mine. Bought it back in the early 90's. First jam session I took it to my entire neck was killing me after an hour.

Now, I don't even notice. Odd, I look bulkier in the mirror too

I recently bought a c-1 classic and didn't even notice the weight.