For 'The Trooper' by Iron Maiden, during the legato part where it goes

7h8p7 etc , do you have to pull down on the string on the eighth fret as you're pulling off to seven or can you just tap it?

and for One by Metallica, are there any tips for playing this part, its amazingly difficult for me

  E   E  H              E  E  E  E.  S E      S S S   S  S S  S  S Q    E   

on the track, it sounds so smooth
the third bar
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Not sure what you meant for the Trooper..

but for One, that has two different guitar parts. Just play either the top or bottom line when it gets to the end of the second bar/start of the third.
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For the trooper it's a hammer on, pull off lick. Keep your index finger on the 7th fret and tap and pull off the 8th fret with you second middle finger.

Good luck
If your fingers are strong enough and/or you have enough gain, you won't have to strictly 'pull off' the string to get the 7th fret to ring out next in The Trooper.

I never have to 'pull off' when playing, I just hammer on and when I remove my finger it rings out fine...I'm assuming most people do this when playing at speed.

And I believe you already have your answer for the question about One