So I have purchased a bass and amp off of my friend to mess around on (I normally play guitar). It is a "Samick" (A brand I have never heard of) and looks like your typical Fender P bass. One split p/up and a volume and tone knob. The amp is a Crate BX 15 and I think sounds pretty good (I actually run my guitar through it as I really like having alot of low end when I play).

I payed (or rather have yet to pay :P) $100 for this, did I get a good deal here? The bass is in good condition as it has no scratches etc. I get a little fret buzz on the low E string only on the 5th fret (weird I know) but can't hear it when playing through the amp so IDC.

So yes, you bassists have another guitarist imposter among you :P

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If you're happy with your purchase then yes, you made a good deal.

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I am happy with my purchase. It gives me an opportunity to make covers of entire songs as I now have a bass, guitar and drumkit. I am merely curious if I got a good deal in getting these items for $100.

yeah thats a pretty good deal for both the bass and the amp. the bass alone is most likely worth over $100
Samick has some pretty decent instruments, although the majority of the ones I've come across are usually entry-level.

Regardless, getting a bass and small combo for $100 is a good deal, considering you like it and all. Most brand new starter packs are at least double that price, and a new beginner bass usually starts around $150.
samick does make really nice basses for the price
they are not MIA fenders but they are really worth the money
so it was a really good deal

BTW the fret buzz could be the string it happened the same thing with my GSR200 when i did a little bend in the string when putting it
now the string buzz only in the second fret but no t a big deal
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i say you got a good deal. Samick is not a bad bass, and the BX15 is an ok starter amp. don't worry about string buzz, that'll get better as your technique improves.
welcome to the UG Bass.
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the buzzing will likely be due to the action being too low, it can be sorted out by either raising the bridge sadles or tightening (? or loosening I forget which way it goes) the truss rod though you're gonna be better off bringing it in to a guitar shop to do if you don't know what you're doing (if you tighten or loosen the truss rod too much you can warp the neck).
It's a pretty good deal for getting both. Good job.

Also, a split pup is the Precision, not Jazz. Just so you know.
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It's a pretty good deal for getting both. Good job.

Also, a split pup is the Precision, not Jazz. Just so you know.

I was taking a guess at which it was I actually looked up the differences between the two when I was finished starting this thread, I shall make the necessary adjustment now.