Firstly I like your sig
Further, I'm struggling to fit all the lines in with the piece. The title caught my attention, but I didn't totally understand every line as I said before. This is maybe just me not being very alert and in a thinking mood.
But I would like to say I enjoyed reading it, it has a lot of truth in it and totally understand what your trying to say at the end of it all.

I love this line: 'while fabricated arsenals are circling the drain'
And I think you have misspelled here otherwise it doesn't make sense:
'so show so teen spirit and let the explosion ignite' Some? good alliteration by the way

So although I didn't get the first verse and how it fits in its entirety I liked the whole concept . Good work. No need to crit anything of mine, maybe a little later when I put on something new

EDIT: you can tell me what you think on the newest piece in my sig
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