i have a cheap(ish) ibanez with an edge III floating trem. recently, i've realized that i don't really need the floating trem. so i stuck a thin piece of plastic under the trem, basically converting it to a non-floating trem like you would find on a standard strat-type guitar.

my question is, basically, does anyone have any idea if this would have any bad long-term effects on the trem or guitar in general? the reason i ask is that my bass player seems to think that it would screw up the neck (though i fail to see how this could happen)... basically, i love this guitar and would hate to do anything that would result in any lasting damage.

thanks in advance
i dont know exactly how you blocked it but on my strat i just tightened the springs n put some wood where the trem would move n if you did something simmilar to that then no your bassist is a ****ing moron
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yeah ages ago on my ****ty yamaha rg copy, i just tightened the screws at th eback with the springs and it was fine