Hey guys,

Just looking for some opinions. I own both a PRS SE-Custom, and a Jackson RR5. While the Jackson is nicer to play and looks a lot better, it seems the PRS, tonally, can really keep step with it, at least to my ears.
So, I ask the conventional wisdom of UG to see which guitar they may find better. I jammed one day, using the same effect on my program on the computer, with the guitars both seck to the same positions and tone to see which one sounds better.
This song is called "let it rock", and can be found on www.myspace.com/johnnyharharhar or www.purevolume.com/johnny117 as the song titled "Let it Rock". The first minute or a half is just garbage to kind of lead up to the solos, which begin when my terrible bass skills try to pull a gallop together.
Just let me know if you could tell a difference, and weather the first solo or second tonally sounded better. The third has both guitars playing, so its kinda tough. Thanks!
And if you have any comments about the music, let me know too... maybe check out the Through the Fire and Flames cover.. i'm pretty pround of my minute and 30 seconds of that song. Haha.
I would say the first solo sounds better. I know you weren't asking for feedback on your playing but brushing up on vibrato would be a good idea. Other than that, good.
TtFaF was pretty messy though.. almost as bad as when Dragonforce play it live. Still, your Wish You Were Here is good.
Thanks dude. The first solo is the RR5, the second was the PRS. So its good to know that i maybe got my money's worth. Hah.
And yeah, there is quite a few mistakes with stuff, i'm really new when it comes to the whole recording, but i figured a few mistakes would be better than choppy bla-junk.
But yeah, thanks for the feedback!
Honestly? I couldn't hear any significant tonal difference between the two solos.

Good attempt at Dragonforce, although all the harmony parts sounded a tad out of tune, and the fast sections need a little bit more practise
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Interesting, that could be the result of the rather shoddy recording stuff i'm using right now... Line 6 Toneport isn't exactly a studio, neither is Gearbox. Haha.
But yeah, thanks for listening!
(I might add i've only been playing for two years, so that could account for my inability to quite hit TtFaF. But thanks for the feedback.)
Might I add, if you guys want to send me a friend request on either of those sights, go ahead... i noticed there's been a hell of a lot of looks, but not many comments.. :S