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They aren't available as parts yet, how do you know it's the best?

Cuz its liek teh best of two bridges in one unit! soo uber!!

I do think it will turn out to be a very, very good bridge though. Very convenient idea's, if it stands the test of time i say it might be on of the best. (Not counting a trans-trem or something similar)
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Does anyone know of any Ibanez spare parts dealers or anything? I have a paul Allander SE and I'm looking at installing a Zero on it. (best trem ever).

You do realise that that requires a lot of routing, plus the body needs to be thick enough.

www.ibanezrules.com sells bridges, although I'm not sure if they have the Edge Zero yet.

It will probably be around the 250-300$ mark, though.

It's going to be incredibly difficult to install it though and if you have it done by a professional, it's going to cost a few hundred.

It would be a better idea to buy an RG2550Z with the bridge already installed as it will save you a lot of hassle, it won't be much more expensive and you won't risk killing your PRS.
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Thanks dude above. I was thinking along the lines of the Edge Pro I put on my Rg321, but since it requires more routing, it'll end up being cheaper to buy the S series one with the Zero on it.

Though, they are the most awesome bridge, unless you do some serious whammying, in which case you won't be able to play EVH on it. But I don't, and it locks, it whammys, and if i break a string, I dont have to fiddle with spring tension! YAY!!


ad how much is "deeper routing" exactly?