Ok here's the situation, my band are writing alot of songs very quickly at the moment (I have no idea how, we're just full of inspiration right now) and when one of us comes up with a riff, the only way to let the others know about it is to tab it on guitar pro 5, and send the MIDI file to the others. This takes hours just to tab, and the MIDI sounds terrible, so I'm looking at beginner recording software. It looks to me like the Tone Port GX (£45 from www.gak.co.uk) is the best option right now. Although, I recently posted a thread thinking a Marshall MG Stack was a good option, so I need to know whether I'm making a terrible mistake.

I figured that I'll record my guitar track onto the Tone Port, save the file, and send it to the rest of the people in the band and see what they think of it. IS THIS A GOOD IDEA? Because I ended up with alot of people laughing at me on the MG Stack thread.

I just bought the GX today and I love it! It's a bargain for the beginner, and has some great features and state of the art drivers as well. I highly recommend it for anyone on a budget who wants an awesome interface.

You say you want to record ONTO the toneport? Unfortunatly it only interfaces with software, so you'll still have to use a recording program to lay tracks down. The GX is basically a processor between the guitar and the computer that allows tone modifications and superiour recording input to the program of your choice. I use Magix Studio 10 (about $50) for my tracking with much success (thanks to the GX!).
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Yeah that's what I meant. Worded it a bit badly I guess. Doesn't it come with software?

it comes with gearbox, which are all the amps and such.

you need to downlaod a recording program, so you can record. lol
Audacity and Kristal are good software to start on. Both are free...the latter can multi-track, and the former can master.
i use the toneport ux2 and my band recorded a 2 song demo with it. it comes with ableton live which is a decent recording program and its easy to use. good luck (i love my marshall mg)